Elbit Systems introduced Active Protection System: Iron Fist

Elbit Systems has developed the Iron Fist, a turret-based system capable of shooting an effector with a mortar-like propulsion system. The system uses distributed sensors, including radars and electro-optics in the LWIR band, to provide data on threats. The system switches from search to track mode, acquiring information through high-speed computing technology and AI-based algorithms.

The Iron Fist can neutralize shaped charge and kinetic energy threats, with a response time of up to 50 meters. The system is designed to reduce residual penetration by optimizing triggering accuracy and shock wave activation.

The Iron Fist is available in two versions: IFLK (Iron Fist Light Kinetic) for tanks and heavy IFVs, which provides protection from KE threats, and IFLD (Iron Fist Light Decoupled) for light to medium IFVs, which does not consider KE threats from long rods fired from tank guns.

Salvo attacks using antitank rockets and missiles are now being intercepted by the Iron Fist, which can be fitted with laser effectors for a SK capability. The company emphasizes that the Iron Fist can detect drones or loitering munition at around 1.5 km range, distributing information through the network to all actors in the field.

Elbit Systems introduced Active Protection System: Iron Fist

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