Electronic warfare system EJDARHA will neutralize targets

The new electronic warfare system "EJDERHA", developed by ASELSAN for the Turkish Land Forces, will neutralize targets with electromagnetic signals.

Developed for the use of the Turkish Land Forces and Turkish security forces, "EJDERHA" will be used as a countermeasure against the use of electronic systems, which have increased in recent years, especially with some explosive and drone attacks frequently used by terrorist organizations. The system, which neutralizes targets with electromagnetic signals, was introduced to users for the first time in IDEF2023 by ASELSAN.

The company shared a post on its social media account for "EJDARHA". ASELSAN's post included the following statements:

"There is no room for threats with the EJDERHA. EJDERHA can remotely stop all kinds of civilian/military vehicles and air targets containing electronic circuits that can be classified as threats in the tactical field and facility entry-exit areas with electromagnetic signals. EJDERHA creates a solution that makes a difference for convoy protection/transfer activities with new generation technologies. The system, which can be integrated into tactical wheeled armored/tracked vehicles, can be controlled manned and unmanned (by remote command)."

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