German army not capable of defending country, according to minister

German armed forces are facing serious equipment shortages and difficulties in carrying out its duties, the Bild newspaper reported Wednesday.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius reportedly told Social Democrat lawmakers that the army is not capable of repelling an attack and is facing difficulties meeting obligations to the NATO alliance.

“We do not have an army which is capable of defending the country against a military offensive, a brutal war of aggression,” Pistorius told fellow party members in parliament, according to Bild.

“We need to fulfill our alliance commitments, fulfill them again. We haven't done it in the past,” he said.

The 62-year-old politician took office last month and vowed to take necessary steps to strengthen the armed forces, or Bundeswehr, and make it capable of addressing new security challenges.

Germany’s left-liberal coalition government already announced it will significantly increase defense spending and had approved a €100 billion ($106 billion) special fund for the modernization of the armed forces.

Source: AA

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