HENSOLDT Innovation Day presents new technologies

To show customers, suppliers and partners what innovative approaches HENSOLDT has in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported and networked sensor solutions, the company hosted a series of hands-on demonstrations and presentations as part of its Innovation Day this year.

Topics such as information superiority in contested and complex scenarios through integrated signals intelligence, the digitisation of land forces and HENSOLDT's contribution to the Eurofighter's new capabilities and roles showcased HENSOLDT's role as a technology driver and platform-independent sensor solutions house.

"The Russian invasion of Ukraine marks a turning point in the history of the European community of values. German foreign, security and European policy must now change in order to further secure our freedom, our democracy and thus also our prosperity in the future. We also want to make our contribution here," said Celia Pelaz, Board Member, Chief Strategy Officer and patron of the Innovation Day. "In order to support our customers in fulfilling their mission under the new conditions, HENSOLDT must not only permanently drive innovation. We also have to make sure that, for all our innovative strength, we work cost-efficiently in order to remain competitive."

For a long time, HENSOLDT has been using intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence in its sensors and at the platform sensor fusion level, such as in the area of digital radar and SETAS 360-degree all-round vision and is therefore able to ensure data sovereignty and permanently increase sensor performance. For this, data sparsity is continuously improved and latency reduced. With system-level cloud AI, information superiority is ensured with multisource and multi-intelligence applications and solutions.

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