Important cooperation between Turkey and Taiwan in UAV technologies

Fly BVLOS Technology, the UAV manufacturer located in Gebze Technical University (GTU) Dronepark, has made an important breakthrough in the UAV technology market.

With the signatures signed between Fly BVLOS Technology, Gebze Technical University and Taiwan Formosa University, Fly BVLOS Technology became a partner of UAV Technology Center in Taiwan.

Gebze Technical University (GTU), which hosts Dronepark in its campus, and Fly BVLOS Technology, a subsidiary of Coşkunöz Holding, are opening up to Taiwan. Gebze Technical University and Fly BVLOS Technology, which participated in the Taiwan-Turkey UAV Technology Forum held in Chiayi, Taiwan, signed an agreement with Taiwan Formosa University to "encourage and strengthen academic and technical exchange and cooperation in the field of UAV technology". With the agreement, Fly BVLOS Technology became a partner of UAV Technology Center, headquartered in Taiwan.

With the partnership, Fly BVLOS Technology will soon open an R&D office at the International UAV Technology Center. R&D activities will be carried out especially for products such as motors, chips and batteries. In addition, all stakeholders will share their expertise and experience in the field of UAV technologies.

The signing ceremony was attended by the founder of Fly BVLOS Kamil Demirkapu, Gebze Technical University Rector Dr. Hacı Ali Mantar, former rector Dr. Muhammed Hasan Aslan, and Taiwan Formosa University rector Dr. Shinn-Liang Chang.

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