Indo-Russian joint defense company BrahMos Aerospace aims for $5 billion hypersonic missile sales

Atul Rane, director of BrahMos Aerospace, an Indo-Russian joint venture, said they aim to sell $5 billion in hypersonic missiles by 2025.

According to ANİ News, Rane made evaluations about the future of the Indo-Russian joint venture.

While BrahMos Aerospace made its first export worth 375 million dollars to the Philippines this year, Rane, the director of the initiative, stated that they aim to make sales worth 5 billion dollars by 2025.

Rane also noted that talks with some countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam, on the sale of nuclear-capable guided BrahMos supersonic missiles are ongoing.

Pointing out that the company's first test of the new generation missile is planned to take place in the middle of 2024, Rane stated that the new generation missile type has half the weight of the existing nuclear missiles, so aircraft can carry more.

Rane pointed out that the BrahMos Aerospace has reached 68 percent domestic capacity in the production of existing missiles, and they hope to reach 100 percent, but the company's products will continue to be sold jointly with Russia.

India, which is largely dependent on Russian defense industry products in defense, launched a nationalization move in the defense industry with the "Produce in India" campaign under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

BrahMos Aerospace joint venture leads the domestic initiatives in India's defense industry, with 50.5% of the venture owned by India and 49.5% by Russia.

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