International Defense Industry Agenda 02 - 08 May 2022

The US developed a new type of UCAV in line with the demands of the Ukrainian army.

China has sent 8 satellites into space that will form a part of its earth observation satellite network

The Australian Ministry of Defense has purchased drones worth $930 million for the Royal Australian Navy.

Mali terminated defense cooperation agreements with France.

A nuclear cooperation agreement was signed between the United States and Armenia.

South Korean Hyundai Heavy Industries won the tender for 6 Offshore Patrol Ships for the Philippines.

Denmark has tested its most advanced missile ever.

Taiwan terminated the agreement that promised to buy 12 helicopters from the United States.

Denmark purchased anti-tank weapon systems from the Swedish defense company Saab.

Due to the Russia-Ukraine War, German defense companies, especially Rheinmetall, increased their profits.

Lockheed Martin has completed the production of the world's most advanced long-range air defense radar.

International Defense Industry Agenda 02 - 08 May 2022

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