Interview: Newest solutions from Terra Hexen unveiled

The CEO of Terra Hexen, Robert Fintak, presented the companies’ latest UAV detection & neutralization solutions in an interview with

Fintak presented the portable drone detector and neutralizer which is designed to combat hostile unmanned flying systems.

Asked about the working mechanism of the system he explained that the detector detects an approaching object from a range of up to 2km and the operator decides whether to jam the waves on which the drone is moving.

Fintak also added that the system is very capable where it can redetect drones even if they change frequency after being detected. “The smallest, the cheapest they fall down. The more advanced drone will hang, or they will start at the RTH so they will return to the place where they started,” He further explained how the system affects countered drones.

Terra Hexen

The Terra Hexen Group was founded in 2016 and gathers the engineers, experts, specialists, analysts and counsellors operating in the broadly understood drone and anti-drone industry.

The companies’ offer includes advanced drone detection and neutralisation systems, inspection drones for supervising flood walls, fields, bridges, petroleum pipelines, gas pipelines or power lines, as well as underwater drones.

Terra Hexen is the first company in the world to have designed an original auditing system for critical infrastructure protecting against drone-related hazards and they have developed a DRONE NOTE, application for recording all drones incidents, dedicated to first response services.

Interview: Newest solutions from Terra Hexen unveiled

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