Israel is using the new weapons it has taken into its inventory for the first time in Gaza

For the first time since Oct. 7, the Israeli army has been using weapons in its inventory in its attacks on the Gaza Strip.

The new and advanced military equipment used by the Israeli army includes shoulder-fired missiles, targeting systems, night vision weapons and weapons such as the Negev 7 machine gun.

With the new military equipment it uses, Israel wants to improve its operational capabilities in densely populated areas, increase the security and efficiency of its ground forces.

Holit and Yited shoulder-fired missile

For the first time, the Israeli army began to use Holit and Yited shoulder-fired missiles in its attacks on the Gaza Strip instead of the Lao and Matador shoulder-fired missiles it had previously used. These missiles are claimed to be 40 percent more successful than Lao and Matador. It is claimed that Holit and Yited have a longer range and give more effective results in residential use.

IDO night vision device

The IDO night vision device provides a three-dimensional image to Israeli Army patrols and battalions traveling in the Gaza Strip in low light conditions or in complete darkness. The modular IDO night vision device, which can be mounted on a soldier's helmet and helps both eyes or one eye to see, is being used for the first time by the Israeli army in attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Dagger targeting system

Dagger, a third-generation targeting system, is used by infantry divisions in the Israeli Army. The system can be used against UAVs and other moving targets. The Dagger targeting system detects and locks on to non-reference targets, such as targets in motion in the sky, and calculates ballistic deviations independently/autonomously. Thus, it is able to detect the direction and speed of the target's flight. The dagger targeting system is claimed to increase accuracy by 350 percent compared to previous technologies by calculating ballistic deviations.

Arrow 3 missile defense system

The 'Arrow 3' missile defense system, which is part of the 'Arrow' weapon system, is stated to have intercepted a ballistic missile coming from Yemen from outside the atmosphere. While the missile was neutralized by the 'Guardian Sword' unit of the air defense system, this indicates a new technology outside of conventional interventions against the threat from space.

76mm naval gun for Saar 6 warships

The 76mm gun on the new Saar 6 corvettes, produced by Germany for the Israeli Army, was used operationally for the first time by the Israeli Army in attacks on the Gaza Strip. The 76 mm naval gun is manufactured by the Italian defense company Leonardo and is called the 76/62 Super Rapido Multi-Feed naval gun.

Laser-guided precision rocket Steel Sting

The Magellan unit, an elite unit in the Israeli Army, uses the laser-guided precision rocket Steel Sting in its counterattacks on launch sites used by Hamas in its missile attacks on Israel. The system is 120 mm in diameter and is guided by laser and GPS.

Negev 7

For the first time, the Israeli army uses the 7.62 mm Negev 7 machine gun in its attacks on the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military says the Negev 7 will be able to breach thick walls in residential areas and neutralize their shelters.


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