MEMATT: Turkey’s remote-controlled mine clearance vehicle

Turkey’s Military Factory and Shipyard Management (ASFAT) shared a promotion video of its “Remote Controlled Mechanical Demining Equipment”, aka MEMATT, through social media channels.  

Along with the video, the state-run defense enterprise noted that MEMATT is produced in cooperation with the private sector by using domestic and national technology to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and to make great contributions to the national economy and defense industry.

ASFAT also indicated that twenty vehicles to Azerbaijan and four vehicles to Burkina Faso have been exported so far.

The state-run project management company described its remote-controlled mine clearance vehicle as follows:

“MEMATT has been designed with the latest technology to neutralize anti-personnel mines and clear the existing vegetation in the field. The equipment has many superior features in field performance, fast part replacement, and the use of multiple devices compared to its equals.

It is also easy to transport by different vehicles, offers ease of use for different purposes and projects with the machine’s modular design, and ease of service with more than one maintenance cover.

Equipment with superior installments; it has a body designed for harsh conditions and a metal plate resistant to external forces, engine air intake protection filter system, Armox 500T protection shield made of armor steel, steel pallet providing maximum durability against hard floors and tiller attachment made of easily replaceable carbide tips.”

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