Moldova to host joint military exercise involving troops from US, UK, Romania

Moldova on Monday announced that it will host a joint military exercise involving units of special forces from the US, the UK, and Romania.

“The exercise will take place at the training centers of the National Army, between March 27 and April 7, and aims at joint training and an exchange of experience between the soldiers of the Moldovan, Romanian, American and British special forces, as well as increasing the level of interoperability between participating contingents,” said a statement by the Moldovan Defense Ministry.

It said that the special forces of the four countries will perform advanced combat shootings, as well as parachute and training exercises, with a specialization on specific missions, adding that the Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET-2023) will take place “in accordance with the training plan of the National Army for the year 2023.”

The statement said that military equipment will be moved to the training centers of the Moldovan army to be used during the exercises and asked the public not to speculate on the movement of the military equipment.

Source: AA

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