Morocco launches the "largest" military exercises in Africa

The Moroccan army announced, on Monday, the launch of the African Lion 2022 exercises, which are the largest military exercises in Africa, with the participation of 10 countries and 20 military observers.

This came in a statement by the General Command of the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces, published by the Moroccan national news agency.

The eighteenth edition of the African Lion exercise will run from June 20-30, 2022.

The statement pointed out that "the actual start of the operations of the multinational joint task force was marked by the opening ceremony, which was organized today, Monday, at the level of the high command of the southern region in Agadir, in the presence of representatives of the participating countries."

General Belkhir El Farouk, Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces, Commander of the Southern Region, in his opening speech, welcomed the participating delegations before recalling the objectives of this annual meeting.

He said, "The security challenges call for us to draw lessons from various situations, combine approaches regarding the benefit of joint military exercises, improve the integration of frameworks within multinational senior leaderships, and overcome cultural, linguistic and procedural obstacles for more coordinated cooperation."

The African Lion is a joint military exercise organized annually by the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces and the US armed forces.

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