OSTİM Defense and Aviation Cluster OSSA

In the promotional video prepared by Ostim Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), the studies, projects, mission and vision of the Ostim Defense and Aviation Cluster (OSSA) were illustrated.

OSSA Project Manager Dr. Uğur Aydın said the following about OSSA in the video published:

OSTİM Defense and Aviation Cluster, shortly known as OSSA,
was established in 2008 under the leadership of OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone as a result of the analysis of the international competition levels of the sectors operating in the OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone.

OSSA continues its activities by bringing public institutions, non-governmental organizations and universities together in the field of defense and aviation in order to make the sectoral concentration that naturally exists in the region visible on a global scale.

OSSA is a non-governmental organization that develops domestic producers, supported by institutions such as Presidency of Defence Industries, T.R. Ministry of Trade, SSI, OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, ASO, ATO, SASAD, TÜBİTAK, TTGV, KOSGEB, universities and

Founded with 77 defense and aviation companies as a result of the sectoral analysis conducted by OSTİM OSB in 2008, OSSA has become a cluster with 255+ member companies operating in every field needed by the sector.

OSSA has nearly 50 member companies from Bursa, Eskişehir, İstanbul, Kocaeli, Mersin, Kayseri, Konya, Balıkesir, Manisa and İzmir provinces.

Since we are a sectoral cluster, only domestic and national manufacturer SMEs operating in defense, aviation and space sectors can apply for membership to OSSA.

Membership applications and their suitability evaluate by OSSA board of directors.

If we need to explain the activities we carry out as OSSA in terms of items; within the framework of cooperation, collaboration and coopetition; training activities, consultancy activities, meetings with the main industry, participation in organizations, organizing events, relations with the government and
the institution.

As a result of these events and activities, OSSA promote member companies at defense and aviation exhibitions abroad member companies at defense and aviation exhibitions abroad and inform foreign companies about their potential and skills.

As OSSA, we bring together all the necessary information about our companies in a single document by printing the Cluster Matrix containing all our member companies and their working areas.

By establishing the OSSA Cluster Management System, we can instantly communicate with our companies online and inform them about opportunities and needs instantly.

In addition, thanks to the Search Engine Optimization training, we facilitate the researchability of our companies online and we enable our companies to use materials, machinery and workforce more efficiently thanks to Corporate Resource Planning trainings provide by OSSA.

We support the leading defense and aviation industry companies of our country to provide technical trainings to our members.

As OSSA, we have initiated many companies to obtain AS9100 certification in recent years.

As OSSA, we support our companies by using the 75% URGE project support of T.R. Ministry of Trade in the most effective way in meeting the needs of our members.

As OSSA, we have been awarded by T.R. Ministry of Trade as Examples of Best Practice twice in a row for the URGE projects we have carried out before.

2 URGE projects are also currently in progress.

Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense and Aviation which is one of the few events in the world with a rate of 21.92 in the number of registered B2B meetings per number of participating companies, organize in every two years in order to meet the right people and start new collaborations in the dynamic environment of defense, aviation and space sector.

ICDDA events bring sectoral SMEs, main industry companies of our country, institutions and organizations together with foreign companies and institutions to contribute the industrial development and Turkey's economy.

ICDDA event that organize in every 2 years with the participation of foreign purchasing and supply chain officials and with the help of productive B2B meetings at the event thus resulting the achievements and contributions to the sector, OSSA has awarded "Defense Industry Special Award" in 2014 and "Defense Industry Promotion Special Award" in 2017 by Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Presidency of Defense Industries.

OSTİM Defense and Aviation Cluster OSSA

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