Patria and Xfly expand pilot training cooperation

Patria and Xfly, an Estonian ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) operator will expand their pilot training cooperation. In addition to the earlier agreed ATR MPL (Multi-Crew Pilot License) training programme, Xfly will provide a conditional employment contract to qualifying Patria´s integrated ATP students with an A320 type rating.

Patria´s ATP courses have included an A320 type rating since 2021 and in the future this popular training programme offers a career path to the Estonian state-owned airline company.

“An opportunity to become an A320 First Officer in Xfly´s new Airbus operation is a major development to Patria´s self-sponsored integrated ATP students. First employment as quickly as possible after graduation is very important. We are very happy to start this cooperation as all parties will benefit from this collaboration,” tells Mats Warstedt, Head of Patria's Nordics Market Area.

“Xfly is expanding its reach to new markets in both Charter and ACMI operations in Europe. This new cooperation with Patria is important to our operations, as hiring of well-trained pilots will be an important step to our success. During summer 2023 we aim to operate more than one A320, and furthermore we plan to increase our Airbus fleet each year according to the market need. Alongside with the agreed ATR MPL programme, we are excited to establish a second line of training cooperation with Patria, now towards our Airbus fleet,” says Jan Palmer, CEO of Nordic Aviation Group.

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