Produced jointly with PT Pindad and FNSS, the tests of the KAPLAN MT tank are successfully completed

Within the scope of the agreement signed between the Indonesian defense company PT Pindad and FNSS in 2019, the performance and functional tests of the first 10 Medium Class Tanks KAPLAN MT (HARIMAU) were successfully completed in Indonesia.

On August 23, PT Pindad announced that it had completed final trials of its KAPLAN MT (HARIMAU) medium tank. At firing range in Indonesia, the company pushed the capabilities of the KAPLAN MT (HARIMAU) tank all the way through. The company, among the test activities carried out; high-explosive ammunition, 105 mm artillery fire, and 7.62 mm machine gun fire. Other testing activities included turret testing, as well as the tank’s engine and powerpack, running gear, communication equipment, and battle management system.

Director of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Cavalry Weapons Centre, Brigadier General Augus Erwan, said that the functional tests are the final step of the evaluation process before any system is handed over to the Ministry of Defense and entered the Indonesian Army,


FNSS has made the first delivery of the KAPLAN MT (HARIMAU), which was mass-produced on March15, 2022, according to the agreement signed in 2019 to the Indonesian defense company PT Pindad. With the KAPLAN MT (HARIMAU), the Indonesian Armed Forces aim to achieve high effectiveness in potential areas of operation.

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