Professor Murat Yeşiltaş explains 'Terrorism Analysis Platform'

Professor Murat Yeşiltaş told Defensehere about the new platform on terrorism reasearch called "Terrorism Analysis Platform TAP".

Yeşiltaş, the coordinator of the TAP, said the following about , which started its publication on January 1, 2020:

"Terrorism analyses platform (TAP) is a project based on collecting terrorism related events all across the world. It is basically focus on the PKK related terrorism activities, but it is not limited with the PKK. Top TAP is also collecting terrorism related events all around the world. We mainly focus on Middle East and North Africa. We focused on Western Europe. We focused on East Asia. We have different regions that we are focusing on. We are going to published reports, policy analyses, risk analyses, open intelligence analyses. We do terrorist profiling. We do the terrorist organization profiling in which we are trying to explain their strategies, their tactics. Their terrorist activities in terms of the target selection. We have different variables in analyzing the single terrorism events. 

This platform will publish its reports and analyses in Turkish and in English.

This platform will publish different reports and analyses by taking into consideration different aspects of terrorism. 

This platform, this TAP Data platform focuses also on other terrorist organization such Al Qaeda, ISIS, ASALA and other terrorist organizations ethnic, religious, far right, left right terrorist organization. We are collecting data about all these terrorist organizations."

Professor Murat Yeşiltaş holds the position of the director of security studies at SETA Foundation, Ankara, Turkey. Currently, Yeşiltaş is a Professor at the Ankara Social Sciences University.

Professor Yeşiltaş explains 'Terrorism Analysis Platform'

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