Repkon produces shaft for Turkey's first domestically developed helicopter

Producing grenade launchers with flow forming technology for the first time in the world, REPKON also carries out R&D on the localization of imported products on platforms produced by Turkish defense industry companies. In the latest developments on this front, REPKON locally manufactured the shaft of the Gökbey helicopter developed by Turkish Aerospace.

REPKON Business Development Specialist Acar Can Kocabıçak said the following in an interview with 

"Our core business is flow forming, sheer forming, hot forging, and cold forging. In this scope we are producing rocket motor cases, different kind of gun barrels, helicopter shafts, cartridge cases and very high precision tubes according to our customer requirements.

In this scope we produce helicopter shafts for Turkish Aerospace. The shaft is produced with flow forming technology. This is the first time in the world a helicopter shaft is produced with flow forming technology. 

In this way we are able to produce pylon shafts for Turkish Aerospace T625 helicopters. In the near future we will also start the production of horizontal shafts. Our main target is producing shafts for the ATAK helicopter, pylons and horizontal shafts as well."

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