Sarsılmaz introduces 12.7mm gun pod for Hürkuş C

Sarsılmaz Deputy General Manager Öner Özyılmaz introduced the 12.7mm gun pod built for Hürkuş C at SAHA EXPO 2022.

Speaking to Mr. Özyılmaz talked about the gun pod developed for Hürkuş and said:

"At TR MEKATRONIK, which is the cooperation company with Turkish Aerospace and Sarsilmaz. We are also manufacturing a gun pod, 12.7mm gun pod, for Hürkuş C airplane.

At this gun pod Sarsilmaz is manufacturing the air version of the 50 cal machine gun and TR MEKATRONIK is making the integration of the gun pod system.

This pod includes the ammunition feeding systems and also collecting the cartridges after shooting.

With the help of this first prototypes we will be making ground tests at the beginning and after ground tests we will adapt this gun pod to Hürkuş C airplane and the flight tests will begin early next year."

Sarsılmaz's 12.7mm gun pod for Hürkuş C

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