A handover ceremony was held in Chad for Hürkuş and ANKA UAV

3 basic trainer and light attack & armed reconnaissance combat aircraft Hürkuş and 2 ANKA UAVs produced by Turkish Aerospace were delivered to the Chadian Air Force at a ceremony held in Chad.

Hürkuş and ANKA were introduced at a ceremony held at the Adji Kosseï base in N'djamena, Chad, on August 9, 2023. Chad’s Minister of Defense Daoud Yaya Brahim and Turkish Aerospace Director General Prof. Temel Kotil also attended the ceremony.

Chadian military took delivery of a significant shipment of Turkish-manufactured military equipment, encompassing combat aircraft, drones, and ammunition.

In addition to Hürkuş and ANKA, MAM-L and MAM-C ammunition produced by ROKETSAN were officially included in the inventory of the Chadian Air Force.

With the Hürkuş delivery, Chad became de 2nd country where Hürkuş was exported.

Turkish flags hung instead of French flags

In the photos shared about the ceremony, the flags hung in the hangar did not go unnoticed. While the flags of Chad and France were hung in the hangar in the past, this time the flags of Chad and Turkey were hung.

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