Sİ-TA MOLLE Long-barreled weapon carrying apparatus

Gürbağ Defense produced the Sİ-TA MOLLE (Moduler Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) Long-barreled weapon carrying apparatus in order to increase the weapon use capabilities of the security forces in the field.

The apparatus developed by Gürbağ Mechanical Systems and Defense Inc. can be easily attached to any NATO-standard vest or any textile material with a MOLLE.

The Sİ-TA MOLLE Long Barrel Weapon Carrier can be installed on to any long barreled weapon with a Picatinny rail (a military standard rail interface system that provides a mounting platform for firearm accessories).

With a total system weight of 180 grams, Sİ-TA MOLLE loads 85% of the weight of the weapon on the body, allowing the personnel to use it comfortably during deployment or watch.

Gürbağ Sita-Molle

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