Hydro-GIDS, produced by Gürbağ Defense, launches smart ammunition with hydrogen energy

"Hydro-GIDS" hydrogen-propelled smart defense system produced by Gürbağ Defense Technologies has been developed to destroy drone and loitering munition threats at very low costs.

Hydro-GIDS consists of the integration of radar, electro-optical, hydrogen-propelled launcher and communication systems mounted on a trailer.

Gürbağ Defense Senior Software Engineer Selami Yalçın explained the features, advantages and working principle of the system:

"Hydro-GIDS, our hydrogen-supported smart defense system produced by Gürbağ Defense Technologies company, was launched for the first time at Saha Expo 2022. This product is actually used to launch the loitering munition. We have a radar unit at the top and two optical units at the bottom, thermal and daytime. We have an antenna unit on the lower side and a launcher unit on the lower side to communicate with the munition we are using.

In fact, we combine multiple systems together. The feature of this structure being the first in the world is as follows; hydrogen systems have been used more intensively on the energy side until now. We are using it on this product for the first time in launching an ammunition in the defense industry.

Hydrogen gives us the following advantage; Since it reacts very quickly, it does not cause any damage to the munition we launch. This gives us the following; if we take back the munition we launched, we can put a launcher and go again. In this way, the cost that would be 700-800 dollars and higher is cheaper for us, cheap figures such as 7-8 liras…”

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