STM completes 2023 with national projects

STM completes 2023 with national projects. While leaving behind the centenary of the Republic of Türkiye with successful projects, the company said, "We will continue to strengthen the power of our defense with our superior technologies and be a source of pride for our country!" for 2024.

The company has released a video of its activities in 2023.


  1. We Performed the First Cruise Experience of Our National Frigate TCG İSTANBUL (F-515)!
  2. MILGEM 6-7-8. We Signed the Contract of the Ships and Made the First Sheet Cutting!
  3. We Took the Second Ship to the Slipway in the Ukrainian Corvette Project!
  4. The 100th anniversary of the Turkish Navy. We marked the transition of the year with our national platforms!
  5. We Made the First Cruise Experience of Our Logistics Support Ship TCG ÜTĞM ARİF EKMEKÇİ (A-575)!
  6. PNS MOAWIN, the Replenishment Tanker at Sea We Built for the Pakistan Navy, Brought Aid to Türkiye After the February 6 Earthquakes!
  7. We Delivered the Second Submarine in Pakistan AGOSTA 90B Modernization!
  8. At Reis Class Submarine Project, we made the last delivery of the National Torpedo Tubes (Section50)!
  9. We have completed the system acceptance of the TCG PREVEZE submarine that we have modernized!
  10. We Undertook the Combat Management System Platform Integration in GUR Class Submarines!


  1. We have localized the Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System (HVLAS)!
  2. We Localized the Fin Stabilizing System!
  3. We Localized the CBRN Detection and Identification System and Integrated it into More Than 10 Ships!
  4. We Localized the Helicopter Securing and Transfer System!


  1. The number of countries to which we export our National Strike UAV KARGU has exceeded 10!
  2. We Realized the First Export of Our 16th Fixed Wing National Strike UAV ALPAGU!
  3. We Realized the First Export of TOGAN, Our 17th National Scout UAV!
  4. Swarm Drone Operation Project BUMIN Took Part in the Heydar Aliyev Exercise!
  5. TOGAN and KARGU Received Full Marks in the Turkish Armed Forces' Winter and Fire Free Exercises!


  1. With the INTEL FS-2 Project, We Started to Develop Software for NATO's Intelligence Infrastructure!
  2. We Have Completed the Acceptance Tests of GEMED, the Simulation-Based Decision Support Solution!
  3. The Integrated Elasticity Model Took Part in the NATO Crisis Management Exercise!
  4. We Saved More Than 50 Lives in the Earthquake with Our Behind-the-Wall Radar (DAR)!


  1. We Exhibited Our National Systems at the 24th IDEF'23!
  2. We Met with Our Young People at the 25th TEKNOFEST ISTANBUL, ANKARA and IZMIR!
  3. We have organized Türkiye's Longest-Running Cyber Security Competition STM CTF for the 9th time.
  4. We Participated in More Than 50 Fairs, Panels and Events in Türkiye and Abroad!
STM completes 2023 with national projects

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