STM engineering in Türkiye’s National Combat Aircraft

STM is entrusted with the cyber security of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU: Milli Muharip Uçak) KAAN, which successfully completed its first flight.

One of Turkey's most important technology projects, MMU KAAN, carried out by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) under the coordination of the Defense Industry Agency, has passed an important milestone. KAAN successfully performed its first flight in Ankara on February 21, 2024.

STM, one of the leading companies in the Turkish defense industry, plays an important role in the MMU. In addition to ensuring the cyber security of the platform in the MMU Project, STM provides consultancy and engineering services in different fields.

STM's duties in the MMU are as follows:

Platform Cyber Security
• Creating Cyber Security Architecture
• Identifying Cyber Security Risks
• Establishing Cyber Security Requirements

Consulting and Engineering Support
• Health Management System Location Activities
• Operations Analysis Modeling and Simulation
• Cockpit Avionics Subsystem
• Avionics System Design Integration
• Integrated Control Panel

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