ANKA-3 is ready for the first flight, while KAAN is in the final assembly for the first flight

TUSAS is having a busy year with increasing demand for aviation structures, domestic and international deliveries, and unique development projects.

In the last days of the year, this intensity and excitement will reach its peak. TUSAS aims to carry out the first flights of the unmanned fighter aircraft ANKA-3 and the national combat aircraft KAAN in the rest of the year.

ANKA-3, which has many advantages such as low radar visibility, high speed, high carrying capacity thanks to its "flying wing" structure, was made ready for the first flight after design, structural and subsystem improvements. ANKA-3 is expected to meet the sky for the first time before the end of the year.

Load tests that have been going on for a while for KAAN, Türkiye's most important technology development project, have been completed. The mission systems and subsystems that will take place on the first flight of KAAN, which was dismantled to the smallest part, started to take their place on the aircraft after independent tests. This assembly activity will end with the engines taking their place in the prototype. KAAN, which will take to the runway after the assembly activity, will prepare for its first flight with a slow and then a fast taxi. It is aimed that these activities will intensify in mid-December and KAAN will perform its first flight on December 27.

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