Altınay Defense to develop 'Multiple Bomb Release System' for the Turkish National Combat Aircraft KAAN

Altınay Defense Technologies, which develops critical projects and products for defense technologies, and TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) have signed an agreement for the domestic design and production of the Multiple Bomb Release System to be used on the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) KAAN.

This collaboration will enable Türkiye to acquire another critical technology for KAAN using entirely national means.

Multiple Bomb Release System provides the opportunity to attack 8 different targets

As a subcontractor of ASELSAN between 2016 and 2020, Altınay Defense Technologies played an important role in the design and production of critical subcomponents of a special Multiple Bomb Release System, and played an important role in the introduction of the system, which successfully passed all tests, into the Turkish Air Force inventory.

The Release System, which stands out with its high reliability, high release rate, ease of use and ability to be ready for operation in a short time, has a technology that will enable the controlled release of today's modern aircraft bombs with pneumatic propulsion.

Altınay Defense, which works on the critical components of the Multiple Bomb Release System, which can be integrated into two stations of the F-16 aircraft and provides the opportunity to affect eight different targets in one sortie, aims to carry its know-how in this field even further by providing subcontracting support to TAI for the KAAN Release System.

Plans to integrate into 250 aircraft

The KAAN Release System is planned to be integrated into approximately 250 aircraft planned to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force by TAI. The system, which is becoming more and more widely used around the world, is expected to become a new export item for Türkiye and gain an important place in the field of international defense technologies.

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