STM’s Future Technology Institute ThinkTech celebrates its 3rd anniversary

STM ThinkTech, the think tank founded by STM with the aim of conducting scientific and technology-oriented researches, conducting strategic analyzes and producing sustainable solutions in the fields of defense, security, engineering and technology in the region and globally, is now 3 years old.

ThinkTech, which STM has created with its knowledge and, produces original solutions with its studies.

STM started ThinkTech by investing its knowledge and experience in engineering, technology and consultancy in it and now the think tank is turning into a sustainable and adaptive structure in a short period with its genuine approaches, products, and services.

ThinkTech is moving confidently into the vision of making a difference in the consultancy area in cooperation with public institutes, academia, private companies, and other think tanks.

ThinkTech is Turkey’s first technology-based think tank and it has a mission to develop unique solutions and technological insights in strategic areas related to Defense and Security, Science and Technology, Aviation, Transport, Health, Education, and Energy sectors.

You can find detailed information on STM ThinkTech as well as its published articles and studies at 




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