TEI’s general manager introduces Turkey’s 1st jet engine 'TEI-ts1400'

TEI’s General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Mahmoud F. Akşit presented Turkey's first domestically produced "TEI-ts1400" jet engine.

Akşit said the following about the TEI-TS1400 which was initially delivered on November 5, 2020:

A turning point in the history of Turkey

This engine is really a jet engine, and, in this respect, we are now literally producing Turkey’s 1st jet engine, and it is a turning point in the history of Turkey.

We are moving to the champions league in the aviation industry

With this engine, Turkey will now advance in the field of aviation technology from the level of countries such as Romania, Poland and Bulgaria to the level of England, France and Germany. Which means we are moving to the Champions League now. It is truly a turning point for Turkey, I mean technologically.

Our national engine is more powerful than the competitors' imported engines

Not everyone can develop such technology but now we possess it. Compared to the imported engines of the same class which are produced by competitors, our domestic engine produces between 67 and 120 horsepower more, at take-off, in continuous flight mode at maximum power, and during emergency take-offs, as well as when flying in the event of engine failure.

We hope that our domestic GÖKBEY helicopter will be flying using our national engine by 2024 after the completion of the necessary technology maturation and certification processes, which are very difficult.

This engine is unique and of original design which has been completely achieved by Turkish engineers and TEI’s engineers. Despite taking part in developing the GÖKBEY helicopter in many ways, we have created a complete new infrastructure for developing a jet engine for the first time in Turkey.

We currently have a team of 700 people working on this engine, not counting the technicians and the workers of sub-industries.

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