The countdown has started for TÜRKSAT 6A

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu stated that TÜRKSAT 6A has successfully passed all the tests so far and said, "Our new satellite TÜRKSAT 6A will be launched in June 2024. At the beginning of the Century of Türkiye, we continue to work with determination to have a mark in space in order to have a say in the world."

Türkiye's satellite adventure started with TÜRKSAT 1B. During the time, Türkiye will make great strides in this field and will put into service the first domestic communication satellite, TÜRKSAT 6A. TÜRKSAT 6A communication satellite will make Türkiye one of the first 11 countries in the world to produce communication satellites.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu evaluated the last stage of TÜRKSAT 6A studies. Minister Uraloğlu stated that TÜRKSAT 6A will be delivered in March and said, "The satellite will be sent to the launch area in accordance with the agreement made with Space X for launch and the necessary launch operations will be carried out in June."

Integration and tests are carried out in cooperation with TÜRKSAT, SSB and Turkish Aerospace

When completed, TÜRKSAT 6A will serve at 42 east longitude and will be located in a geocentric orbit, at a distance of 35,786 kilometers. The domestic and national communication satellite with a power of 7.5 kW will be equipped with 20 transponders. The satellite will serve in the Ku band and will also provide access to regions such as South-East Asia, which previous satellites did not reach. The assembly, integration and testing of the TÜRKSAT-6A satellite are carried out in cooperation with TÜRKSAT, SSB and Turkish Aerospace. Currently; In the TÜRKSAT 6A satellite project, which is planned to produce 3 different models: Thermal Structural Adequacy Model, Engineering Model and Flight Model, the production, integration and tests of Thermal Structural and Engineering Models have been completed. The first functional tests at the system level, thermal vacuum test, vibration test, acoustic test and electromagnetic compatibility tests have also been completed.


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