The first assembly of PARS 6x6 Demining Vehicle

Within the scope of the Pars Demining Vehicle Project, which was launched to fulfill the needs of the TAF, the first assembly of the Pars 6x6 Demining Vehicle was made at the ceremony held at the FNSS campus.

The Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB) Twitter account tweeted: "The first assembly of #Pars 6x6 Demining Vehicle, developed by FNSS was made within the scope of the project launched to fulfill the needs of the TAF."

The President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir, said:

“Today, we are at the FNSS facilities on the first assembly of Pars Demining Vehicle ceremony, and hopefully, our vehicle will be delivered to our Turkish Armed Forces and security forces in 2021 as a vehicle with a wide range of capabilities.

The protection ability of our vehicle is very high. At the same time, we will have a vehicle that will strengthen the power of our army and security forces with its weapons systems, imaging and communication systems. We think that it has some features that we call the first in the world and therefore it will have an important potential in terms of exports. With its capabilities, we hope that our vehicle, which we expect to make an important contribution to our army, will be beneficial. We notice here that various restrictions and embargo activities continue increasingly on our production processes. Our company, which carries out production operations, faced such prohibitions and embargoes, and continued its way by overcoming all kinds of restrictions and obstacles with domestic production.

We would like to thank all of our defense industry companies, our industry and their ecosystem, which continue their localization process in the defense industry in this regard, regardless of the obstacles and take the National Technology Move to the next level. We are no longer a country that accepts the threats of others, and we will continue our path with determination. Every restriction and every ban imposed on us is another threat.

In the face of these threats, we have expressed our capabilities in various ways by this vehicle. Our localization process continues. I hope this capable vehicle will be beneficial to our security forces and army. We will start the process with 12 vehicles. We hope it will continue with more products.

Combat vehicles are one of the biggest Turkish strengths in the defense industries of armored vehicles. We have a wide range of vehicles, from tanks to light armed vehicles. In this regard, we would like to thank all of our companies, managers and employees who are doing their best in production and manufacturing operations. "

Mayına Karşı Korumalı Araç 6x6 PARS'ın ilk montajı yapıldı


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