The first submarine built by STM: TCG PİRİREİS

TCG PİRİREİS, the first submarine built by STM at Gölcük Shipyard Command within the scope of the Reis-class new type submarine project, performs navigation duties in Turkish Territorial Waters.

The Reis-class new type submarine project TCG PİRİREİS, in which STM integrates the design, engineering and system and undertakes important tasks until increasing the contribution of the locality rate, is carrying out successful missions in the Turkish Navy. STM also produced the "Section50" section, which includes torpedo tubes, for the first time in Türkiye for Reis-class submarines. Section 50, which is the most critical part of the Reis-class submarines, the latest modern submarine platform of the Turkish Navy, contains the submarine main weapons and systems that enable the firing of guided projectiles. Thanks to the Section 50 produced, Reis-class submarines are armed with 8 533-millimeter torpedo tubes.

Highlights of Reis Class submarines:

With its Air Independent Propulsion System (AIP) feature, it can operate underwater for weeks without going to the surface
Perform operations for a long time in secrecy with low-noise navigation capability
High-speed advanced torpedoes
Guided projectile capability that can be fired at surface targets


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