The manufacturer behind SATCOM terminals onboard Turkish UAVs – Ctech

Manufactured by Ctech, a subsidiary of Turkish Aerospace Industries, these KU-band SATCOM terminals are flying on Turkish Unmanned Air Crafts (UAVs), Dr. Cüneyd Fırat stated.

In an interview with, the general manager of Ctech Dr. Cüneyd Fırat talked about the SATCOM terminals that company produce locally, and he said, "SATCOM is a strategic communication, which allows you to extend your communication beyond line of sight".

He also mentioned that SATCOM terminals’ communication range can reach 10,000 to even 20,000 kilometers, and he added the company’s stacom terminal are mobile of "on the move type", hence they are called SATCOM on the move or SOTM.

Fırat also explained that those terminals can handle more than twenty megabits network traffic and that their capacity can be leveled up according to the consumers’ requirements.

Pointing to the company’s Ku-band SATCOM terminal he said "What I would like to emphasize is that this is KU-band terminal, because, you know, in the frequency portfolio there are different bands, and different emissions from the satellites, but this is the most common one is the KU".

Pointing to another version of the terminal he added "But for the last 4-5 years period KA-band is also becoming more popular".

"Depending on your operational requirements, you may either prefer KU-band or KA-band. And it also depends on the platform’s capacity," he explained.

Describing the difference between the two versions of the device, Fırat mentioned that what distinguishes the Ka-band terminal from the Ku-band variant is that it weighs less and the fact that is more compact, but he also noted there is one more major difference between them, which is that the Ka-band variant only has cellular coverage where the Ku-band variant has wider coverage.

"This KU-band SATCOM terminal is now flying on Turkish UAVs," he said explaining "have more than 2,000 hours of flight experience with this product, okay. So, this is a filed proven product as well".

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