Turkish CTech’s jamming resistant SATCOM terminals

Turkish Aerospace subsidiary CTech Information Technologies is one of the few companies that produce jamming-resistant SATCOM terminals.

CTech general manager Dr. Cuneyd Firat told DefenseHere.com that electronic warfare and jamming is an important issue for armed forces.

“So, all armies are taking counteractions and protection against jamming,” said Firat. “This product is providing you resilient communication under jamming conditions.”

He explained that CTech’s product is unique and complying with NATO 4606 standards.

Pointing out that the company is one of few firms in the market that have this technology, Firat said there is a strong interest in their products.

“And I am sure in near future CTech will be maybe providing this technology and the product for many other customers, especially for maybe friendly customers,” he said.

Depending on the customer requirements, Firat stressed that it can be applied to X-band, KU-band, or KA-band.

With CTech’s solution, users are able to keep their communication awake in doing electronic warfare, he said, adding:

“This is the most critical issue for the armies.”


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