Turkish MKEK's booth at IQDEX 2021 sees great interest

At the 9th Session of the Defense, Security and Military Industries fair (IQDEX 2021) held in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, the booth of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation attracted great attention.

Turkey's ambassador to Baghdad Fatih Yıldız joined the exhibition which was held at Baghdad International Exhibition.

"Turkish products have a good reputation in Iraq"

Ambassador Yıldız said:

"Turkey is being represented in the exhibition. We are present today at the booth of Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation.

There is great interest in Turkish Products. Turkish products have a good reputation and they are quite known in Iraq and we are hopeful that we will be able to transfer that to defense industry. The defense minister also visited our booth and showed interest in the products of Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation.

On the other hand, we also have here a delegation from the Presidency of Turkish Defence industries that is closely following the progression of the exhibition and that will be found in some contacts. Hopefully Turkey will also incorporate now defense industry into its relations that diversify with Iraq in many areas. This exhibition is an important occasion in that sense."

MKEK Export and Business Development Manager Ali Hakan Şafak said the following about the exhibition: 

"Our corporation participates for the first time in this exhibition. The inauguration of the exhibition was also rather successful. The Minister of Defence of Iraq personally visited our stand and showed great interest in our weapons.

Our corporation is already working on installing an ammunition line in Iraq. In parallel with that, our work continues.

We believe there is great potential in Iraq. Hopefully, we will extend our cooperation by growing the potential through this fair."

Turkish MKEK's booth at IQDEX 2021 sees great interest

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