Turkish UAVs were successfully used in Winter Exercise

The "Winter Exercise-2023" organized by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), with the largest participation in the history of the Republic, was successfully completed in Kars.

Developed by STM, Turkey's first rotary wing attack drone KARGU and multi-rotor reconnaissance UAV TOGAN took part in the Winter Exercise for the first time.

KARGU, which has been in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces for 5 years and has been exported to nearly 10 countries, hit the target elements with a direct hit in the exercise. According to the scenario in the exercise, KARGU detected that the enemy vehicle and its personnel had withdrawn after the UCAV shot at the opposing force command post. After target detection, KARGU quickly dived to the target. KARGU neutralized the enemy force command vehicle and personnel by hitting it with a high precision. KARGU received the appreciation of those who followed the exercise.

Developed for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence purposes, TOGAN was used in the reconnaissance of enemy engineering squads in accordance with the scenario in the exercise. Able to operate for 45 minutes at a range of 10 kilometers, TOGAN made reconnaissance in the minefield and detected obstacles during the exercise.

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