Türkiye's defense giant ASELSAN exhibits large scale of products at IDEF 2023

ASELSAN, one of the leading defense company, exhibits its large collection of defense systems at the 16th International Defense Industry Fair, IDEF 2023.

At the IDEF 2023, Defensehere reports that ASELSAN's booths witness fruitful meetings and delegation visits led by high-level decision-makers, especially Ministers of Defence, Deputy Ministers, and Force Commanders from different countries.

In addition, Ambassadors, Military Attachés, representatives of global companies and a large number of sectoral press members from abroad also visited ASELSAN's booths.

At the IDEF 2023, ASELSAN participates in a wide scale of solutions. In particular, its PULAT - AKKOR as examples of its new generation Active Protection Systems (APSs), latest generation electra optical system such as newly unveiled ASELFLIR-500, air defense systems, radar systems and products in the field of information and communication technologies and much more.

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