UK hints joining Europe’s ‘Iron Dome,’ Sky Shield

UK is currently engaged in discussions regarding its potential participation in the newly established Sky Shield air defense system for Europe, British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed recently.

Presently, the European Sky Shield Initiative (ESSI) has garnered the support of 21 nations, with even traditionally neutral countries like Switzerland among the signatories.

On The Sun's new World At War show, Shapps mentioned that the UK is collaborating with EU allies to define the potential features of a Sky Shield.

The Sky Shield strategy entails the deployment of missiles like the US Patriots, Israeli Arrow-3s, and German IRIS-Ts on British soil to counter potential threats, including drones.

The Defense Secretary also hinted at a surge in shipbuilding to bolster the Royal Navy's size.

Regarding calls from MPs, to acquire Israel’s Iron Dome defense technology, Shapps dismissed them, stating that the discussions on the European Sky Shield were still in their early stages.

The UK already has 'layered protection', Shapps added, which includes supersonic Typhoon jets.

The ESSI was spearheaded by Germany after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022 and is a venture aimed at constructing a comprehensive European air defense system on the ground, encompassing the capability to counter ballistic missiles.

Most recently in February, Turkish and Greek defense ministers have also signed a letter of intent to join the initiative.

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