Unmanned aerial vehicle BAHA has spread its wings to Africa

The first export of BAHA, the unmanned aerial vehicle produced by HAVELSAN, was realized. BAHA will soon be sent to Africa.

At IDEF2023, HAVELSAN, which exhibited the concept of "digital unity" and its products related to unmanned air, land, and sea vehicles, made the first export of its unmanned aerial vehicle BAHA to a country in Africa. HAVELSAN had been negotiating for BAHA for some time. The dialogues for Baha have thus paid off. Following the test phase before delivery to the end user, the BAHA determined within the framework of the agreement will be sent to the African country.

In the sharing made from HAVELSAN's social media account, the following statements were made:

"BAHA spread its wings to Africa.

Following the entry of the unmanned land vehicle BARKAN, the first member of our Digital Union Technology, into the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, the first export of the second member of the family, Bulutaltı Unmanned Aerial Vehicle BAHA, was realized to Africa.

We would like to thank our employees and partners who contributed to our development process.

'Asisguar', 'Dönmezoğlu Bilişim', 'SİO Aerospace Industry', 'TUALCOM' "

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