ASELSAN Unveils Next-Gen SARP, KORKUT, and GÖZDE Guidance Kits Abroad

The Turkish defense industry is setting its sights on substantial export achievements as it integrates national air defense systems into the Turkish Armed Forces' arsenal.

ASELSAN, a key player in the Turkish defense sector, made its presence felt at the International Defense and Security Equipment Exhibition (DSEI 2023) in London, one of the world's premier events of its kind.

At the exhibition, ASELSAN proudly displayed an array of systems, encompassing air defense, communication, security, electronic warfare, and electro-optical solutions. Ahmet Akyol, ASELSAN's General Manager, engaged with an AA reporter to discuss the showcased products and the company's aspirations for the European market.

Akyol underscored the global significance of DSEI, where professionals worldwide convene, emphasizing that ASELSAN's presentation of cutting-edge products is a noteworthy achievement for Türkiye.

In light of the increasing importance of air defense systems, heightened by recent events like the Ukraine-Russia War, Akyol highlighted:

"The demand for air defense systems is prevalent worldwide, and this exhibition accentuates their prominence. We are introducing our KORKUT Air Defense System, initially developed for our own armed forces, to the international arena for the first time. Alongside KORKUT, we are showcasing our HISAR and SIPER systems, complemented by our anti-drone technologies. All of these have been presented as part of the GÖKKUBBE family. Consequently, our focus here is on air defense. Bringing KORKUT to the international stage is a significant milestone for us."

GÖZDE Makes Its International Debut

Akyol emphasized the growing significance of guidance kits for aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles in achieving precise strike capabilities. He revealed that ASELSAN's inventory includes a range of guidance kit families.
Akyol elaborated, saying, "This year, we added the GÖZDE Guidance Kit, which merges laser and INS guidance, to our kit lineup and have already supplied it to our Armed Forces. This marks its international debut as well. GÖZDE combines laser and INS guidance, delivering increased range and accuracy."

Source: AA

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