ASELSAN's Main Control Center became operational in Baku, Azerbaijan

The 'Main Control Center' of the "Vehicle Detection and High Speed Weight Measurement System Project" initiated by ASELSAN in Azerbaijan started its operations.

The project was developed to detect size and weight violations of vehicles on the road. With the project, weight, gauge and speed measurements will be made without stopping vehicles on the roads. In this way, traffic will be accelerated, road safety will increase, operational costs will be reduced and the carbon footprint will be reduced.

In the project, which was carried out with ASELSAN's smart traffic solutions near the town of Tagiyev on the Baku-Guba-Russia border highway, the main control center was commissioned.

Within the scope of the project, where the first station was put into operation in May, it is aimed to establish stations at a total of 31 different points, including 17 directions and 30 lanes in 11 locations when the first phase is completed, and 34 directions and 52 lanes in 20 locations when the second phase is completed.

Through the established stations, the weight, size, license plate, class and speed information of the vehicles will be obtained without stopping the vehicles on the road, without disrupting the traffic flow and without affecting the general traffic operation. The detected vehicle information can be monitored live through the Main Control Center put into service in Baku, as well as retrospectively.


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