Asisguard's innovative solution in military vehicles: "SADAK

Asisguard, which brings innovative products to the Turkish defense industry, develops various systems for military vehicles.

It consists of SADAK Vehicle Intercom System (VIS), Siren Announcement System SADAK SAS and Driver Information System SADAK, which is one of the military vehicle solutions developed to increase the superiority of the security forces working in the field and exhibited at the International Defense Industry Fair IDEF 21.

SADAK VIS, which provides voice communication of in-vehicle personnel under operational conditions for use in military land vehicles, communicates with foreign operation units within the scope of authorization. SADAK VIS provides low-noise communication and the opportunity to listen to internal speech and radio at the same time.

SADAK SAS, developed in accordance with military standards for land and sea platforms, allows personnel to listen to the outside environment and make announcements from inside the vehicle.

SADAK DIS provides vehicle engine information (vehicle speed, engine speed, engine coolant temperature, engine oil temperature, operating time), personnel seat belt status information, mine lock status information, explosion suppression system status information to its users with a single screen.

Asisguard's innovative solution in military vehicles: "SADAK

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