Çaka: A submersible kamikaze USV jointly developed by Turkish defense companies

Türkiye's leading defense companies unveiled a submersible kamikaze unmanned surface vessel called Çaka for the first time at the 16th International Defence Industry Fair, IDEF 2023.

Çaka, a submersible kamikaze unmanned surface vessel (S-KUSV), jointly developed and designed by Türkiye's Havelsan, Roketsan, Kraken Marine, and Asisguard.

Kraken Marine, specialised in designing high-speed tactical vessels, is responsible for the construction of the USV; Asisguard is providing the optical systems for navigation; and Havelsan is responsible for developing platform control, command-and-control (C2) integration software, and platform autonomy.

Kamikaze unmanned submarine, Çaka, is 8.5 meters long, with a speed of 60-plus knots and a beam of 3.3 meters.  Çaka's testing is expected to start by September this year, and it is expected to be operational on a two year timespan.

Çaka will be capable of protecting infrastructure and naval platforms, as well as conducting anti-access/area denial operations.

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