Avtomatika demonstrates counter-drone systems to foreign customers

Avtomatika Concern, together with JSC Rosoboronexport, has shown foreign customers its Kupol and Pischal-Pro counter-drone systems in action.

The companies experts explained in detail how the anti-drone systems work and answered all questions related to their operation, after which they demonstrated them in action at a test-range. According to the experts both systems can be used to protect critically important infrastructure facilities from unauthorized UAV flights, including from drone swarms used to collect and exchange intelligence information or for attack.

The Kupol mobile system allows to instantly create a protective hemisphere of radio suppression, impenetrable for drones with a radius of at least 2 kilometers simultaneously in 10 frequency bands. This provides effective countermeasures to intruders, regardless of their numbers and direction.

The Pishchal-Pro hand-held electromagnetic gun, one of the lightest drone jammers on the market, is designed to disable data, control and navigation links of unmanned aerial vehicles from the location of the user. The system can be used to neutralize drone-based tactical reconnaissance and electronic warfare assets, as well as drones used to deliver explosives and prohibited substances to protected facilities.

"Currently, unmanned aerial vehicles pose a real threat. The modern mini attack drone concept is based on the so-called swarm architecture, enabling the joint combat use of groups of attack drones that can share recon data and carry out a coordinated attack. In this regard, the most immediate challenge today is not only to develop assets to counter small-drone attacks, but also to enable special counter-drone systems to send information to the existing air defense/missile defense system," said Andrey Motorko, General Director of Avtomatika. “Our specialists have developed a line of counter-drone systems designed to protect critical infrastructures".

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