AWHero: Leonardo’s rotary uncrewed aerial system

Aerospace, defense and security company Leonardo announced that its rotary uncrewed aerial system (RUAS) achieved the world’s first military certification in the 200-kilogram class.

The company’s leading-edge AWHero RUAS received basic military certification from Italy’s DAAA, the Directorate for Air Armaments and Airworthiness.

“The military certification includes embarked operations and highlights the robustness of AWHero's design criteria and approach, paving the way for further development, integration and validation of expanded capabilities designed and planned for the system,” said Leonardo. “This military certification is also based on elements of the worldwide recognized STANAG4702 standard.”

The company shared the following information about this development:

“AWHero design leverages on Leonardo’s strength and extensive experience in rotorcraft development, system integration and embarked helicopter operations. Since 2019, the platform has been conducting maritime surveillance capability demonstrations on ships within the framework of the OCEAN2020 initiative, the European Defence Fund strategic research program for naval surveillance technology and maritime safety, comprising 43 organizations across Europe and led by Leonardo.

AWHero is also being evaluated in international tenders. Northrop Grumman Australia and Leonardo Australia’s team has been shortlisted to proceed to the next phase of the SEA129 Phase 5 program for the acquisition of a maritime uncrewed aerial system designed to deliver a deployable intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting capability to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The Northrop Grumman and Leonardo proposal will enhance capability effects and tactical decision-making during RAN maritime operations.

Leonardo is the only company in Europe, which is able to provide complete solutions by designing and developing all the elements of unmanned systems: platforms, sensors, mission systems, control stations and offer customers a certified low risk, high effective, fully integrated capability.

Leonardo is a key partner and contributor to significant European drone programs and Leonardo’s expertise and capabilities in the sector have been extensively demonstrated during international exercises. Leonardo has developed uncrewed systems and technologies, including anti-drone capabilities and unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems. 

The continuous development and integration of cutting-edge solutions across all domains of remotely-piloted and autonomous/semi-autonomous systems and technologies is a key element of Leonardo’s BeTomorrow2030 Strategic Plan.”


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