CANiK is the choice of police force in Indonesia

Small arms manufacturer CANiK has won one of the most important tenders of the National Police Agency in Indonesia, one of the largest countries in South East Asia. Within the scope of the tender, in addition to the CANiK METE series pistols, MECANIK brand optics were also part of the distinguished inventory of the Indonesian Police Organization.

Operating in 70 countries on three continents of the world, especially in the USA, CANiK continues to progress in line with its global growth targets. The company draws attention with its export figures, which it increases every year.

"We will expand our export network with 12.7mm heavy machine guns and medium caliber guns"

Didem Aral, Member of the Board of Directors Responsible for Foreign Trade at CANiK, said, "During the pandemic, many countries postponed the procurement of law enforcement and military units. In this process, where procurements have started to be opened gradually, tenders continue to be held one after another in many countries of the world. In this context, as CANiK, we are proud to add a new one to our success in global tenders with our 25 years of experience and superior product power. We have been the choice of the police force of Indonesia, a friendly and allied country with which we have had close relations until today. CANiK, which was previously the choice of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Bangladesh, now offers its superior firearm technology to the service of the Indonesian Police Force. CANiK, which is the first choice of the military and law enforcement agencies of 24 countries around the world, will continue to be the favorite of the world's army and law enforcement agencies not only with pistols but also with the 12.7mm heavy machine guns and medium caliber guns it has produced.”

CANiK was also in the limelight at Indo Defense

CANiK explained its products and solutions to the participants at Indo Defence, one of the largest international defense industry fairs in the region, which was held in the capital Jakarta between 2-5 November 2022 in Indonesia. CANiK, which hosted important country delegations and senior state executives at the fair, also hosted the Indonesian Delegation and Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir at the CANiK booth. CANiK continues to obtain new opportunities for tenders for the defense industry that will take place in the future at important fairs in different countries throughout the year.

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