The Complex Weapons Innovation and Technology Partnership (CW ITP) is offering its fourth round of funding for projects researching or developing low TRL [technology readiness level] novel technologies or materials that could provide the next advance in defence capabilities.
Underpinned by funding from the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and France’s Direction générale de l’armement (DGA), the CW ITP welcomes proposals from inside and outside the defence sector. In particular, from SMEs, technology start-ups, research facilities and academia in the UK and France.

Selected projects will also get opportunities to collaborate with UK and French Global Defence Industry players – MBDA, CEA, Leonardo UK, Roxel, Safran and Thales – leading the CW ITP’s Enduring Technical Areas (ETA) of complex weapons innovation.

Technology Showcase
The CW ITP’s biennial conference has just taken place, showcasing funded projects from the past two years. Delegates heard from key figures in the UK and French government defence agencies, as well as the outputs from projects in exciting areas such as quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), hybrid propulsion systems, pyrotechnics and resistant materials.

Projects selected in this latest round of funding could showcase their outputs at the next CW ITP Conference in 2025.

Collaboration, innovation and exploitation
“The priorities for CW ITP are collaboration, innovation and exploitation,” says Dan Jones, Head of the CW ITP, adding, “This latest call for innovative proposals provides another opportunity to find new SMEs, start-ups, researchers and academics to work with. Like-minded people and businesses that we can bring together and build mutually beneficial relationships, and together mature outputs that move them forward into viable products that could be capabilities in future UK and French complex weapons development. With the excellent projects we’ve seen over the last two years, I’m excited to see what comes next with this round of funding available.”

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