European defense giant "HENSOLDT" introduces ITAR FREE airborne ISR radar

The multinational defense electronics manufacturer, HENSOLDT, introduces an ITAR FREE multi-mission airborne ISR radar, which can detect and track static and moving targets up to 370 km range.

"Dubbed "PrecISR", the ISR radar integrates Synthetic Aperture Radar and moving target indication technologies, can be easily integrated into special mission aircrafts, on fixed wing aircrafts, on helicopters and also on UAVs," Pierre Marquis, the sales team leader for airborne ISR systems at HENSOLDT, said to

"It is obviously the right solution for the Turkish market in order to tackle the numerous intelligences, surveillance, reconnaissance challenges that the country might face," Marquis stated adding that these challenges could be "human and drug trafficking, piracy or environmental threats".

He also noted that PrecISR is creating a lot of interest now around the world due to the fact that it is equipped with the latest AESA technology, adding that they are actually in contact with many countries new to support them with their IRS missions.

"It is already flying in some countries in Europe for example and we are promoting heavily this radar in Asia and the middle east," Pierre clarified.

Defense magnate "HENSOLDT" introduces ITAR FREE airborne ISR radar

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