Derya Arms to exhibit products at IDEF

Derya Arms, a leading firm in the Turkish Defense Industry, is set to participate in the 16th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF from 25-28 July in Istanbul.

The firm will exhibit its new products and greet visitors from Stand 522C in Hall 5 at the Tüyap Fair and Congress Center.

The firm desires to add an additional 13,000 square meters of enclosed space to its 14,000-square-foot factory in the third quarter of 2023, increasing its production capacity and continuing with new projects in the defense industry without any loss in momentum. The firm currently exports products in the Shotgun and Sporting group to 78 countries, and with the planned annex as a more modern facility will add more products to its defense industry portfolio.

At IDEF the firm will exhibit its TM22Feather Polymer product, which is a new version of .22LR caliber TM22 Rifle in its product catalog that it has exported to 13 different countries including the US. The aluminum TM22 model has received full marks from users and the polymer version was even more well received.

The firm’s ZY9 9x19mmCarbine and ZY9 9x19 Rifle models have been presented to military and civilian markets, drawing strong attention in the US, Italy, Sweden, Peru, Finland, Guatemala, Kosovo, Paraguay, South Africa, Lebanon and Spain. Seeking to extend the success it has gained in the defense sector through its original designs and quality with the Dy9 and Melik 9x19mm pistol models, the firm also started manufacturing these models on its production lines. The DY9 presents to users with its aesthetic appearance, 4 different sized grip panels that allow the shooter a comfortable grip, 6-groove rifling, steel barrel, metal top cap and different color options.

International Defense Industry Fair IDEF

The fair will take place under the auspices of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic, hosted by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense, with contributions from the Defense Industry Agency, under the administration and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, with organization by TÜYAP Fairs and Exhibitions Inc. at the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center.

The fair is set to take place in an area of 120,000 square meters, featuring thousands of products related to ground, air, maritime and space defense systems, transportation, logistics, supporting services, equipment supply vehicles and instruments and all sorts of security services.

IDEF is held every two years, and for four days will provide the opportunity to its participants, domestic and international sector professionals to meet with authorities responsible for Turkish defense and security procurement as well as foreign delegations.

IDEF 2021

IDEF 2021 greeted 614 delegation members from 163 delegations from 81 countries and 2 international institutions. Among fair participants were 1 President, 1 Presidential Council Vice President, 1 Prime Minister, 1 Deputy Prime Minister, 24 Ministers, 14 Chiefs of Staff, 2 Deputy Chiefs of Staff, 25 Military Commanders, 11 Deputy Ministers and 1 Undersecretary, in addition to many civilian and military procurement officials.

As part of the fair that hosted 1,238 companies from 53 countries, important commercial ties were formed between domestic and international participating companies and the visiting delegations, and 4,055 planned meetings and stand visits and 94 signing ceremonies were held between procurement officials, delegations and participants.

The fair saw a high level of interest from visitors, drawing 68,795 professionals from 94 countries.

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