Finally! Ukraine Uses M270 MLRS To Destroy Russia From A Distance

The U.S. had previously rejected Ukraine's request for the long-range rocket platform. Still, on Friday, the Biden administration is now preparing to step up the kind of weaponry that it could send. The Biden administration is leaning toward sending the systems as part of a larger military and security assistance package, and it could be announced as soon as next week.

With the Ukrainian army confronting Russia in the eastern Donbas region and many Ukrainian ships still blocked from leaving ports in the Black Sea, long-range missiles will prove to be an effective and necessary tool for Ukraine to take back control of its territory to destroy Russian ships and bases.

The Multiple Launch Rocket System(MLRS), which was formerly known as the General Support Rocket System (GSRS), is a weapon designed to supplement the cannon weapons that are available to division and corps commanders in the United States Army.

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