Ukraine Now Uses Harpoon Missile To Sink Russian Warships In Black Sea

Denmark has promised to provide Ukraine with Harpoon anti-ship missiles. The anti-ship missile launcher Harpoon from Denmark is one of the most successful.

The missile system was first introduced in 1975 and has since been used around the world, with at least 7,000 units being produced.

Manufacturing the missile costs only about $1.65 million. This weapon system employs subsonic, over-the-horizon sea-skimming missiles that can be tracked using radar. Submarines, planes, shore batteries, and ships can launch these missiles.

The Harpoon missile can destroy large ships with a penetrating warhead of 2221 kilograms.

15 thoughts on “Ukraine Now Uses Harpoon Missile To Sink Russian Warships In Black Sea”

    • Why do they publish such bs?

      Answer: to get readers and expose thise readers to ads.

  1. You have to be very careful when reading these articles as the information is totally incorrect the Warhead is about 450 lb not 2221 kg

    • The overall weight, mass weight is around 1550 lbs… The whole missle. Launcher, carrier, rocket and warhead.

  2. russian thieves stealing Ukrainian grain…
    sink em!
    russian soldiers invading a Peaceful Country…
    sink em!

    • Americant thieves stealing Ukrainian grain…
      sink em!
      Americant soldiers invading a Peaceful Country…
      sink em!
      Fixed, adolf.

  3. It is a shame that Ukrain not receives long range rockets. That means Russia can unlimited send rockets from its territory to destroy Ukrain.
    That bridge to Crimea needs to be destroyed. Now!

  4. What a stupid headline – implying that they are currently using Harpoon missiles… That they don’t even have yet. And with a Photoshop image that my kid could have made better.

    I don’t know why Google News showed me this BS headline, but from now on it will be blocked from showing me anything from this crappy website.

  5. Google is part if the propaganda machine to misinform the gullible public. Wake up America, your being brainwashed by the Socialist Party (aka Democrat Party). THEIR sole objective is to destroy AMERICA.

    • Tell your mom on them Billy! They’re so mean! Also, suck on Russia’s tit while you’re at it

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