Fly Bvlos Technology moves headquarters to Ankara

Fly Bvlos Technology, known for producing the versatile Jackal UAV, moved headquarters from Kocaeli-Gebze to Ankara.

From now on, Fly Bvlos Technology will continue its activities at the address "Yeni Bağlıca Mahellesi, Belpınarı Caddesi No: 17/B Etimesgut / Ankara". The company also has a campus at the UAV Test and Evaluation Center in Ankara/Kalecik where testing and R&D studies are carried out.

Fly Bvlos Technology, which is poised to make a name for itself in the field of defense industry in 2023 with its experienced managers and strong engineering team, is also expected to sign export agreements worth millions of dollars this year.

Recent successes of Fly Bvlos Technology

Fly Bvlos Technology contributes to domestic and national production in defense and aviation by achieving critical successes in the field of UAV production and UAV pilot training. The company made its first export to the UK with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle named JACKAL, This was the first export of its kind by a Turkish company to UK in this field. Fly Bvlos Technology also provides UAV training and was the first Turkish company to do so at international BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) piloting standards.

Fly Bvlos Technology firması Ankara'daki yeni adresine taşındı

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